Wednesday's have turned out to be a real treat for the older children of the Primary and Preparatory class. Not only is it sports but in the morning we are joined by Miss Hiroe to prepare us for a very special annual event: Pop Up!


This year’s pop up takes place on the 11th of March and so far we have practised our starter choices. On the 20th of January we made clam chowder, and on the 27th, we made pan friend gnocchi with tomato sauce.

Each week we will continue to make a dish from the menu. As the weeks, progress Miss Hiroe and I (Miss Marie) can observe the abilities of each child to consider their appropriate role.


Each role at pop up is challenging!


At the end of these trial sessions, we then taste the food we made at lunchtime. The younger children in Primary along with Mr Sam have also had the pleasure of tasting these delicious dishes. Choosing between these two choices of starters is already proving to be difficult.

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