Dear Parents,

This morning, the Junior School and West Hampstead Nursery, were visited by 35 Catholic Church Sisters from South Korea!

The Sisters themselves are Montessori teachers who run Montessori nurseries in their churches back in Korea. They wanted to visit Montessori establishments in the UK whilst also seeing the sights and sounds of London.

It was an absolutely wonderful visit and we were very honoured and proud to host their arrival and assist them on their tours around our Rainbow Montessori sites.

Miss Sylvia (at the Junior school) & Miss Tabita (at the Nursery) provided background on our Rainbow Montessori Schools, our legacy, our philosophy and most of all – the fun we have here at Rainbow. The Sisters were also able to observe the children at each site.  They were very enthusiastic and, through their translators, asked many questions and took many a photo of the environment!

At the end of their visit, the Sisters presented the most beautiful Korean Dolls as a gift to Miss Sylvia and the School which was showed to all the children. The children then looked on the map to locate exactly in the world our visitors had come from. We will keep the dolls in a very special place as a reminder of their visit.

We are looking forward to keeping in contact with all the Sisters and their nurseries and we will of course keep you, the parents, updated too.

What a great way to strengthen ties between Montessorians all over the world!

Rainbow Montessori School Staff