The children of Elementary 1 have all returned with great enthusiasm this term and are all really engaging with their environment. 

Our project seems to be inspiring them and they are thoroughly enjoying the lessons, on "Our Earth" especially 'Parts of the Earth' and the 'Layers of the Oceans'. The children liked looking at the Montessori 'Black Timeline of Life' looking at how life evolved on our planet, first in the ocean and then slowly on land until human beings evolved. Art work was linked to the project topics and it was lovely to see the children's joy in taking part in different art activities.

This week the children had fun making lakes and islands with sand and water and over the next couple of weeks they will be exploring the seven continents, using their 'passports' to document their travels!! 


The children have also started with Computing/ICT lesson with Mr Raf, our ICT teacher. These lessons usually take part on a Friday afternoon. They loved looking inside a computer learning the different parts - they all knew so much and were excited to share their knowledge.

We are looking forward to our next sessions with Mr Raf!

A great start to the Summer Term! 😊

Miss Sara, Miss Girlie & Miss Gabriella


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