The children in Elementary 1 have settled in well and they have been revising and reinforcing their knowledge of the animal groups.

The children have also been introduced to the differences of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and have classified animals into these groups.

The children loved observing and holding the garden snails which aided their understanding of invertebrates and our lesson on the hedgehog enabled them to understand vertebrates. They were also able to use their knowledge of the above to really understand the hedgehog's characteristics and habits.

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Last week Elementary 1 learnt about insects and spiders. The children have been studying the differences between an insect and a spider. They loved observing an alive spider, counting the number of legs, looking at the body parts and trying to see its 8 eyes! Towards the end of the week the children were asked to make a spider or an insect using recycled materials as part of art and design work.

They looked amazing and so colourful!

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This week we will continue to explore maths, we will look at the concept of big-bigger-biggest and small-smaller-smallest. We will also start to look at some poetry learning poem about grandparents. 


Kind regards

The Elementary 1 Teacher Team


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