Last week Elementary 1 started to learn about different forms of water such as oceans and life in the oceans, rivers and canals.

Elementary 1 loved their trip to the Canal Museum near Regent's Canal on Thursday 27 June. They got to see how people used to live on houseboats and how they used to dress. The children that wanted to dress up had opportunity to do so! Everyone enjoyed being on a real house boat and seeing exactly how people live in such small spaces. The boat that we went on was inside the museum so we were on dry land!

For the second part of the workshop the children made their own delicious ice-cream. This used to be stored in the part of the museum when the boats brought it all the way from Norway to London along the canals. Of course the children got to taste their ice cream. Then after having lunch it was time for our journey back to school where we arrived quite tired after all this excitement!

Miss Sylvia + Miss Qiao



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