Elementary 1 enjoyed their first computing lesson which used to be called ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in the National Curriculum.
We looked at the names of different kinds of computers such as tablets and laptops, we looked at how to turn them on and off and learnt how to hold and carry these computers safely without dropping them. We also learnt names such as screen, keyboard, password and loading cable/charger.
When lifting up the tablet and laptop to compare their weight we tried to find out which one is heavier and which one is lighter to lift and carry. The tablet of course was lighter.
Each child that was here on that day had the opportunity to hold both computers.
The Children who was not here on that day, will have the chance to do so in the next session in which we will revise what we have learnt so far.
In our next lesson we will also go on a "computer hunt" through the whole school, also visiting the office counting how many computers we can find in the whole school and what different kinds of computers we can find.
This survey will link directly to maths and data collection as we will make a bar chart of our findings.
We are looking forward to many more computing lessons throughout the term!
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