In October Elementary 2 learnt about the Muslim festival "Eid-ul-Adha". This festival is known as the festival of sacrifice and is the second most important festival in the Muslim calendar.
The children made lovely paintings and did some lovely writing as well.
Next term the children will continue to learn more about different festivals and celebrations from around the world and different religions.






In November, Elementary 2 presented the Hindu festival of Diwali as a short performance for the children in the other classes.

The girls and boys had fun using scarves and silk shawls to use as sarees and other costumes.

The story on which Diwali is based is from ancient Indian religious lore, about Prince Rama and his wife, Sita, being expelled into the forest for 14 years. Sita is then abducted to Lanka by the evil demon, Ravanna, and Rama, his brother, Lakshman and the monkey King, Hanuman, fight a battle to bring her back, thus showing the triumph of good over evil. The story was narrated by Cassia &  Conor and acted by the class.

Miss Naveed




Elementary 1 and 2 learned about the Hindu festival Diwali and the story about Prince Rama and his wife Sita and enjoyed watching the short play acted out by Elementary 2.
The classed learnt about the many different Hindu gods and the children of Elem. 1  loved painting lots of different colourful Hindu gods using lots of glitter.
We didn't have enough time to visit a Hindu temple this term, but hopefully we will have the opportunity to do so another time in the near future. We are looking forward to celebrate lots of other celebration from around the world over the next few terms. 
If a parent feels like they would like to share a festival with one of the classes you are more than welcome.
Please let Miss Sylvia or Miss Naveed know so we can arrange a day for you to come in.
Parents are always very welcome to our school!



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