Our trip to the Kentish Town Farm was packed with interesting and very informative facts for children to learn about the farm and farm animals. The farmer, Mr Chris showed us wheat plants and the children had the opportunity to use a windmill to grind a few seeds and make flour which they very much enjoyed.

We also met a tortoise called Al and learned that all tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises, because tortoises are exclusively land creatures.

We watched the tortoise have his snack, a little bit of dandelion and we discussed other examples of animals that are herbivores. The learning during the workshop was interactive and Mr. Chris was very much impressed with the children’s knowledge.

The children loved seeing all the animals and listening to the sounds these animals make. We talked about what these animals eat and what product comes from which animal.

What a wonderful trip!

Miss Alexandra and Miss Elena


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