Dear Parents, 

The children of Elementary 1 and 2 enjoyed their trip to the local Waitrose. 

The behind the scene tour was cancelled by Waitrose staff on the day however, we still went and made the most of our morning. It turned out to be a delight and we were thoroughly surprised. 

The children set off in groups with a teacher and had to pick six fruits or vegetables, the lovely Miss Hiroe explained which fruits were British and how they were grown. 

When returning to school all children enjoyed a huge snack in Elementary 1 with all the fruits and vegetables that had been chosen in the morning. Miss Hiroe made apple sauce from the cooking apples and lots of vegetables were cooked for the children to try.

We had tables set up so that the children could sit together and encourage each other to try new things. They loved the passion fruit and even ate Brussel sprouts!

It was a wonderful way to finish the day! 


Kind regards,

The Teachers of Elementary 1 and 2


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