A Journey to Asia


After learning a lot about Antarctica, Europe and Africa we have moved on to the next amazing continent and started to learn about Asia!



It was lovely to have Miss Hiroe in our class telling us about Japan, showing it to us on the map, telling us about the super-fast bullet train, letting the children try on a Kimono and cooking Sushi with us, which was very yummy. Miss Qiao also told us about China, showed us where it is on the map and explained how the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year with delicious food and fireworks!.

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We continued our journey onto India and Miss Sylvia showed us some pictures of her wearing an Indian Sari and driving in a special Indian three-wheel-taxi when she went on holiday there a few years ago. 

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Can you discover which of the photos is your child's painting of men and women wearing traditional Indian clothes? The children made beautiful designs!


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