As part of Elementary 1  project "a journey through Asia" the children studied China.

The children learnt about the Yangtze river, animals that live in and near the river, the Bamboo forest and panda bears.

The children also learnt about the Chinese Emperor and his special silk robes with dragon symbols representing his strength and the children enjoyed making their own special "Emperor robe wall hangings" on special golden paper.

When learning about silk the children studied the life cycle of a silk worm and watched a short YouTube clip to see all the different stages of development showing how the silk worm grows into a moth.

As usual the afternoon project was linked to the morning work cycle which gave the children the opportunity to do further research about China and the animals of this amazing country.

The children loved making their own Terracotta Army of clay learning about where clay comes from.

Please take a look at the pictures below!


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