Elem. 1 is enjoying the lovely weather. It is lovely to use the garden as an extension to the classroom and a lot of learning is happening outside.
Not only do the children enjoy their sports sessions with our sports teacher Mr Sam in the garden, but also different grace & courtesy groups to different topics such as "how we speak friendly to each other" and "how we look after the plants in our garden", etc. 
The children also have been introduced to nouns and enjoyed looking for different plants, insects and other objects in the garden learning about the meaning of a noun. The children loved drawing different nouns, making posters and playing different noun games reinforcing their learning.
Some children were introduced to the meaning of a noun and liked working with the verb action cards in the garden acting out actions such as running, jumping, hopping and many more.
Some children also enjoyed trying out different science experiments. One was about the density and while doing these experiments using materials such as sand, water, baby powder and salt the children were introduced to words such as: heavy, heavier, light, lighter, etc.
While some children worked in the garden, some others enjoyed learning in the classroom.Later the groups switched and the other children had their turn to work outside,many children enjoyed having their snack outside too.
We are looking forward to many more sunny days, to use the garden for learning, playing and having fun!
All children have playtime every day outside after lunch even when the weather is not that great.
During playtime in the garden the children enjoy different role play activities, digging in soil, using the climbing frame, playing with the hullahoops and many other activities.
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