Elementary 1 had pets for an afternoon in their class to look after as the children found two little snails in the garden! Of course at the end of the day they were brought back into the garden where they hopefully live happily ever after eating lots of juicy leaves.


20130523_143806 20130523_143757 20130523_143747 20130523_143738


Because of the children's keen interest in the snails and that these creatures are animals that don't have a backbone we then studied other animals that are invertebrate like insects.


The children had a great time looking at the ladybird lifecycle and working with our brand new puzzle. What a lovely way to link nature to our main project "Land-Air-Water".


20130523_132725 20130523_132731



We are looking forward to having some more little visitors in our class in the near future!


Miss Sylvia + Miss Qiao


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