Elementary 1 has really enjoyed getting into their termly topic of Habitats.
We started the project learning about mountains and volcanoes and as usual the volcano experiment was a great hit.
When learning about mountains we looked at Mount Everest, the highest mountain on land which is part of the Himalaya Mountain Range. After learning about what a mountain range is, we  looked at the parts of a mountain such as "foothill", "slope", "summit", "peak", "slope" and "snowline".
We had our own Elementary 1 mountain range and the children all made their own amazing mountains; labelling the different parts of it. This activity was not only creative, but also linked reading and writing to geography, art and DT (design technology).
The class created their own mountain animals and we looked at where exactly in the mountains we would find these animals. 
The next habitat we studied was the savannah and which continent we can find such a habitat. The children loved learning about different savannah animals and making their own ones out of cardboard boxes. We ended up having our own Rainbow Montessori savannah in our own classroom!
We are looking forward to learning about many other habitats this term!





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