Elementary 1 had lots of fun during our Nature Week.
The week started with a workshop at Hampstead Heath where the children looked at different trees and bushes and the leaves that grow on them. They then went on a Bug Hunt with trays, magnifying glasses and nets. The most bugs were found under logs and in the grass and the children really enjoyed this activity!
During the week the children worked with the Montessori Leaf Cabinet looking at the different types of leaves and grouped them  into "simple" and "compound" leaves and explored our garden. Moreover the children learnt about the needs of a plant, the names of the parts of a leaf and the names of the parts of a tree.
Even though our nature week has come to an end, we will continue to spend a lot of time in our school garden and learn more about nature as part of our morning work cycle.
Kind regards,
Miss Sylvia & Miss Izzy
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