Dear Parents,

As you are already aware, this term, Elementary 1’s class topic is Colour, Shape and Pattern.

During the first two weeks of term we researched animals such as penguins, zebras, elephants, etc. looking at black and white as well as variations of grey.

We explored the Big Bang Theory using Montessori’s Black Timeline. The children were excited to learn about how life began on earth and how it evolved, first in the oceans and then on land. The children also learnt about volcanoes and many made their own little volcano models using clay and paint.


We stretched the Black Timeline down the centre of the classroom and the children placed various species along the time line, ranging from sponges, jellyfish and trilobites to dinosaurs and to Homosapiens. Some children continued their focus on prehistoric life throughout the morning work cycle. Especially the dinosaur models were a hit in class.



In the third week of term the focus was on yellow.

We have looked at the importance of the sun and its direct relationship with herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The children have discussed how the sun is actually a star and looked at a stars lifespan and we have researched different star constellations. The children created their own pictures of star constellations and galaxies.


We also learnt about bees, the hierarchy within a bee hive and the importance of bees for pollination, and therefore, plant life. It was lots of fun to act out being busy bees, flying from flower to flower and collecting “pollen”. It is such a pleasure to see how excited the children are about learning and exploring new topics, ideas and concepts!

This week it is all about the colour blue and we will be learning about oceans and the water cycle. We will have lots of water experiments on the shelf.

We are looking forward to lots of fun this week!

Miss Sylvia & Miss Anna & Miss Eleanor


 Some children wanted to make their own model of a volcano using clay...


Rolling out the black timeline and placing  animals on it - showing how life evolved on planet earth over billions of years...

20150116_144954 20150116_145617 20150116_145926


Painting the landscape of Antarctica... 20150120_130842 20150120_131036


The Volcano experiment... 20150121_094015 20150121_094020


"Importance of sun" lesson. Looking at plants, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Children printed their most favourite animal...

20150121_145214 20150121_145224 20150121_145301 20150121_145309 20150121_145340 20150121_145347 20150121_145355 20150121_145430 20150121_145450 20150121_145558 20150121_145604


Art work: star constellations... 20150122_145359 20150122_145405 20150122_145412 20150122_145442 20150122_145451 20150122_145458

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