Elementary 1 had a great start to the new term. After revising the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates and herbivores, carnivore and omnivores. It was amazing to see how much the children remembered from last term. We then focused on invertebrates-animals without a backbone and explored the characteristics of snails, slugs, insects, spiders and worms.
The children loved telling us about their worm research as part of the homework. When one child brought in a few worms in a jar we set them free in the garden at the end of the day and watch them disappear in the soil of our peace garden.
The children were also interested in learning about different bees such as honey bees, carpenter bees who like exploring wood and the bumble bee. The children were very fascinated by the so called leaf cutter bee who makes its' nest inside leaves.
Moreover the children studied the life cycle of a honey bee and we are hoping that this term a bee man will come and visit the school and tell us more about how bees make honey.
We have also started our nature project and went on Friday, 29th April to the park on a leaf hunt. We tried to collect leaves rather than picking them and the children were interested to find out about the difference between simple and compound leaves.
We will visit the park again as well as spending time at Hampstead Heath enjoying special "nature days" throughout this term and are looking forward to it. 
Other topics we will cover this term are: different plants and their needs, common and wild flowers, pollination, photosynthesis, different trees and many more nature related topics. We are looking forward to all Elementary 1 children bringing in their own plant pots for our classroom nature table and watch them grow. 
Art and Design Technology will be linked to our term project and the children will have the opportunity to try out different art techniques and explore different art materials.
In the last few weeks of the summer term, the children will explore and study different materials and their properties, where they come from and if they are natural or man-made. We will link this to exploring these materials such as wood, plastic, paper, glass, etc. using our senses.
We are looking forward to a busy, fun-filled summer term.
Miss Sylvia  and Miss Gabriella
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