Dear parents,
Last week the children of Elementary 1 enjoyed learning about the beginning of our planet earth and loved acting it out using lots of different coloured scarves.
Yellow represented the stars and the sun as one of them, orange and red represented the erupting volcanoes at the beginning of planet earth when it was a very hot dangerous planet to live on before there was any life on the planet. Silver represented the meteoroids crashing into earth and blue represented the rain that created our oceans. The huge black scarf right at the beginning of the story represented the darkness and emptiness and silence right before the "big bang".

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After our little drama session the children painted their own pictures of what they have just learnt about.
20130502_144601 20130502_144722 20130502_144729 20130502_144828 20130502_144954 20130502_145001
After their beautiful art work the children had the opportunity to act out the story over and over again if they wanted to and we had many happy children pretending to be erupting volcanoes in Elementary 1.
This week we will continue learning about the Era Timeline and how life slowly developed first in the oceans and then on land.
Miss Sylvia & Miss Qiao

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