Elementary 1 has been learning about the different plants and animals of the rainforest and making a wonderful rainforest collage as group art work. Now we have our own  rainforest with lots of parrots and monkeys! The children showed great interest in learning about the different layers of the rainforest and looking at pictures of people living in the rainforest.
They loved learning about the deserts and where in the world they can be found. Especially the  Sahara desert - the biggest desert in the world -  inspired the children to create their own "desert in a box" using different fabrics and materials. The children found out more about cacti and making their own ones using green saltdough. In a drama session the children acted out different animals including camels, rattle snakes and meerkats in an oasis full of palm trees!
It has been a real pleasure to see and observe the children's creativity!
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