Dear parents,

It is lovely to have new children in Elementary 1 and to have the older ones helping the younger ones finding their way around in the class!

 The children really enjoyed our special animal week and loved meeting many real animals, touching them and finding out where they came from. We all loved the baby meerkat as well as the snakes, the crocodile, and many more. A blog for his will be going out very soon!

We have started our project learning about our solar system, the inner and outer planets and the sun as a star. The children loved filling air into our "blow up" planets and they were very interested in finding out which one is the biggest.

We will continue our project by learning about planet earth starting with the Era Timeline looking at how life evolved on our planet. After that we will be learning about "land-air-water"-the oceans, lakes, rivers, the 7 continents, different habitats, nature and the weather.

Soon we will be going on our first class outing. More information will follow closer to the date!

We are looking forward to this fun-filled summer term!

Miss Sylvia + Miss Qiao












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