Victoria & Albert Museum trip Monday 25th February 2013.

The children had an exciting trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum where they attended a workshop in which they saw many amazing and very old Asian objects.

We saw an Islamic carpet from Iran that is almost 500 years old and we looked at it’s different colours and patterns. After that we enjoyed looking at a 300 year old "tile design" with a picnic scene. On this design the children could spot the special turbans that men were wearing and of course that was a great opportunity for our boys to wear a turban as well.

The special red chair from the Chinese emperor with the dragons on it was very interesting too. The chair came all the way from a Summer Palace from Beijing to the V & A museum and its red colour means "good luck". The children loved putting on the red Chinese emperor’s robe.

Looking at the amour of a Japanese Samurai warrior was also very interesting for the children and we were astonished to hear that the armour weighs as much as 15kg! Wow!

The last thing we did, before having our well-deserved lunch, was look at a Japanese Kimono. Some children of course wanted to try one on and looked lovely in it.

On the way back there home were a lot of tired, but very happy faces!

Miss Sylvia and Miss Qiao


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