Dear Parents,

Firstly, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and we hope you had a lovely festive season with some time to rest!

The children have had an exciting start to the year in Elementary One, they were all happy to see their new exciting art table and creative area!

They have been introduced to the new topic The Solar System and Planet Earth! Which they have explored the names of the planets and recapped the story of The Big Bang and The Universe.

The children have started working on experiments such as: magnets by exploring what may be attracted to a magnet and why! Looking at both sides of a magnet and the magnetic force.

The children were able to learn about silk worms and discussed how they produce the material silk and how it can be used to make silk scarves. They are very excited to have them in their classroom and have been very gentle when holding them.

We look forward to our Kidzania, trip which will reinforce our special jobs and careers lessons! The children have shown good understanding in what these jobs are and what they require e.g. a policeman protects the citizens they represent!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend, we look forward to seeing you at our meet the teacher afternoon next week.

Miss Gabriella and Miss Girlie


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