Welcome back Elementary 1!
It has already been a busy start to the Autumn term! The children have settled back into their school routine and have been busy bees!

It's great to see them excited and engrossed in their work. We have been exploring lots of new materials in the classroom and exploring our new layout! 

The children have been learning about their birthdays and recapping the four seasons. We have explored friendships and what we have in common with our peers and also what makes us different! The children have looked at the five senses, we explored touch in more detail and thought about what this particular sense means. We looked at parts of the human body and recently explored the human skeleton! 

We have been learning about measurements, we explored centimeters and how to measure using a ruler. The children measured their hands, feet and height.
We were very lucky to have Miss Hiroe join us in Elementary 1 for a baking afternoon. The children further expanded their understanding by measuring ingredients for their scones!


We are excited to continue our class project about the 'human body' throughout the term and developing new skills! 

We also look forward to our 'European Day of Languages' this Friday where we will hear and learn songs from various European countries!



Miss Gabriella + Miss Girlie


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