Dear Parents,

Happy new year to all of you! It is lovely to have all children back.

We are very excited about this term's project which will be about Habitats and we will link all areas of the curriculum to our project.

The children will learn about animals and people that live in these habitats and how they survive different climates. Another focus of this project will be on what nature of these different habitats looks like.In the first week of term we started to learn about what a habitat is and what different habitats we know of, big ones such as desert, rainforest, ocean, etc. and small ones such as gardens, ponds, parks, etc.


habitat posters

To coincide with this project, the children brought in their stuffed animals to introduce to one another. They were able to discuss the different habitats their animal would live in if it were alive, what the animal would eat and how they would live! It was a very fun and enjoyable exercise.

We are planning to visit the forest near Kenwood House where the children will be looking at different trees, parts of a tree, the four seasons and animals that we might spot living there. Of course more trips will follow later during this term.


We are excited about this term and look forward to producing more blogs to give you an insight of what else the children will be doing!


Miss Sylvia + Miss Izzy


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