Dear Parents, 


Our Elementary 1 project this term is about Land – Air - Water and we will link it to all areas of the curriculum.

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During the first five weeks of term we will focus on water, learning about oceans, and other water forms such as rivers and lakes. We have been exploring experiments such as making waves and what happens when oil and water get mixed. After learning the names of the parts of a wave, the children learned about Hokusai's paintings of giant waves and making their own pictures using a printing technique.

So far this term one of the children's most favourite activities was to learn about the kelp forest of the ocean and to learn about animals that live there. The children used plasticine to make their own kelp forest animals. Another activity the children loved was making vegetarian sushi using seaweed.

 As part of history, we will be looking at time line of the development of boats. Later during the term we will be looking at land, water and air transportation. 

After half term, our focus will be on land and we will go on a trip to Queen's Park Gardens to look at different flowers, leaves and trees. We will also learn about bees and their importance for nature and collecting pollen from the flowers. These topics will directly link to science.



As part of art, the children will be introduced to French Impressionist Claude Monet and his paintings. Hopefully this will be inspiring for the children to paint their own nature pictures using our garden as inspiration. We will also learn about relation of flowers with bees, and have a honey tasting day. 

During the last three weeks of term we will focus on air and air related experiments. We will be attempting to make a pinwheel, aeroplanes, helicopters and air balloons. 

One of the things we will cover as part of language will be looking at poetry and learning about poems about waterfalls, flowers and Father's Day. 

We are looking forward to our drama performance about "the Rainbow Fish" and hope you will all come and enjoy our presentation on Friday, 22nd May at 9.15am. 

Other things that will be happening this term are: a sports day, a trip to the West Hampstead Fire Brigade and our end of term show.

We are looking forward to a busy, fun-filled summer term!

Miss Sylvia & Miss Anna & Miss Eleanor



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