Happy New Year and welcome back to Spring Term 2015!

It is great to have all the children back and everyone has settled in well.

On the very first day of term it was all about fireworks!  The children of Elementary 1 made their own firework paintings using lots of bright colours as well as glitter (see photos). They had lots fun acting out being fireworks using scarves and counting down from 10 to 1!



This term our project is about Colours, Shapes and Patterns.

Throughout the project, we will be covering different subjects such as history, geography and science. As usual subjects such as art, design technology and drama will be related to the project as well. The project usually takes place in the afternoon and is linked to the morning work cycle to enable the children to go into further research and to hopefully inspire the children.

The first two weeks will be all about black, white and grey! Elementary 1 have already started to learn about zebras and created their own zebra mask. They will also learn about penguins and the Antarctica, polar bears and the Arctic and elephants and the Savannah.



Night & Day is also another topic that we will cover.

We will look at different light resources and conduct experiments related to light, dark shade and reflection. This will also incorporate how life has evolved on our Plant Earth.  This includes the Sun and other stars, our Moon, space travel and the black timeline. As you can see in the first few weeks of term, we will be very busy! There is much more to come later on in the term.


SCIENCEThere are two exciting trips later this term; one to the London Transport Museum and one to the Science Museum. There will also be small outings to different places such as the post office, the library, etc. This voyages wills further enhance the children's learning.

We are looking forward to an exciting, fun-filled term with lots of learning!

Miss Sylvia, Miss Anna & Miss Eleanor


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