On Friday, 9th October the whole school learned about "World Habitat Day". 
Elementary 1 and 2 enjoyed a "Super Science Day".
The two classes were joint together using both classrooms and after discussing what topics are part of science (e.g. animals, plants, human beings, habitats, solar system, everyday materials,etc.) we started to learn about "World Habitat Day".
The children of both classes were mixed which was a lovely way to encourage learning from each other and inspiring each other. 
Working in small groups each group researched one habitat such as the rainforest, the Savannah, the desert, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. and they made posters of which animals live in these habitats, what plants grow there and how do people survive in these habitats if there are any people. As part of our "buddy system" some of the Primary and Preparatory children chose to help the younger children with their research.

It was great to see how the children discussed their habitat and shared their knowledge with each other, another great example of successful vertical age grouping!
Before lunch the children presented their posters and research to Primary and Preparatory as part of Friday's junior school assembly and the whole school had a discussion about the importance of looking after our planet Earth. It was great to see how the oldest children of our school from the Primary and Preparatory class enjoyed sharing their thoughts during the assembly as well. 
In the afternoon Elementary 1 and 2 continued the "Super Science Day" by studying the Arctic and learning about animals that live in the Arctic with special focus on the polar bear. Different science experiments using ice cubes gave the children the opportunity to be scientists themselves. As part of working scientifically we discussed what outcomes we were expecting and after carrying out the experiments we shared our observations and finalised the conclusions of the results. But most of all we had lots of fun!
We are looking forward to other "Super Science Days" in future!
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