The last couple of weeks have been very busy in Elementary 1.
As part of the term project the children have started to learn about the rainforest, different animals from the rainforest, layers of the rainforest and the Amazon river. The children loved making leaves for our rainforest collage. We also learnt about some birds that live in the forest such as toucan and parrots and we studied the characteristics of birds.
We now will start learning about the oceans of our planet Earth and life in the oceans and are looking forward to our trip to the London Aquarium.
Moreover, the children have been learning about what a leap year is with the year 2016 having 29 days in February instead of only 28 days. The children have started to make their own calendars and soon will take home the first three pages for January, February and March.
This Friday, 4th march we enjoyed a SUPER MATHS DAY where all children started with maths work in the morning. We have been working on odd and even numbers from 1-10, combining numerals with different quantities and using the Montessori Golden Bead Material. Some of the older children have now started playing the so called addition bank game adding thousands, hundreds, tens and units using the Montessori Large and Small Number Cards and the Montessori Golden Beads. 
We are looking forward to a few more busy, exciting weeks and lots and lots of more learning before the Easter holidays!
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