For architecture week, Elementary 2 created 3-D models of a Celtic village made up of Round Houses.
They learnt about these early inhabitants of Britain and how they utilised local building materials to build their homes, clustered together for security. Windows were not introduced until later and an opening in the straw & grass thatched roof was used to allow the smoke to escape. Once they became settled then different forms of nature worship seems to have evolved. 
Stonehenge, built by the Neolithic people of this area more than 4000 years ago, may have been built for such a purpose. It remains something of a mystery, how the stones were moved into place in a circular formation. Using paper mâché pulp, the children each made a model of Stonehenge. As sculpture, the work was a lot of fun for the children to do. They also learnt about the fundamental needs of human brings and linked them to this work as part of history.



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A big thank you to Nil's dad who is an architect and introduced the children to what the job of an architect is as well as special tools an architect uses. The children showed great interest and enjoyed the session a lot!