Dear Elementary 2 Parents,

We have had such a pleasant start to the Summer term.

The children came in telling us all about their Easter Break and even brought in beautiful postcards.

We went over all our 'Grace and Courtesy' rules such as using our 'Indoor Voice' and 'Walking Feet', we practiced ways in which we can get the attention of our classmates and teachers if they are busy and we continued to work on conflict resolution.

The past two weeks have also been spent learning about our continents and oceans. We sang the 'Continent Song' to help us locate the continents and made beautiful continent globes out of paper plates. We explored where we actually live by starting with the Planet and moving down to the continents, country, city etc. to help us make sense of our place in the world.

The next few weeks, we will be packing up our suitcases and travelling to various other countries within the continents 😊

The children have also started with Computing/ICT lesson with Mr Raf, our ICT teacher. these lessons usually take part on a Friday afternoon. They loved looking inside a computer learning the different parts - they all knew so much and were excited to share their knowledge.

We are looking forward to our next sessions with Mr Raf!

Most importantly, we have been enjoying the sun and we look forward to the rest of our fun-filled Summer Term!


Miss Alex and Miss Amal 


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