What a busy few weeks in Elementary 2!

So far, we have covered two animal groups - the mammal and fish group. We have taken a close look at the characteristics of each, as well as exploring the habitats in which we can find them! 

Image result for FISH CLIP ART

The children very much enjoyed painting their own fish and exploring the layers of the ocean as well as taking turns caring for our little Guinea Pig Teddy called Jilly! 

Moreover, the children have had wonderful mornings working with letters and numbers as well as different activities from the culture shelve and the practical life shelves. 

When Miss Sylvia came for a visit some children explored with her the Montessori Leaf Cabinet as preparation for the trip to Paddington Recreation Centre. 

This week we will be looking at birds and exploring the life cycle of a hen. We are also looking forward to exploring the rainforest this week! 

Kind regards

The Elementary 2 Teacher Team


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