This term the project is about the story of Life on Earth.



This is an exciting topic encompassing stories, art and drama. We talk about how our earth became a habitable planet, the cycle of evolution and extinction and the diversity of life in its different forms. The Montessori stories about the creation of the universe and about the coming of life are used to spark the children's interest and awaken their curiosity.

We will visit Kew Gardens to learn the about life cycle of plants, their needs and how they help other living creatures to thrive. Later in the term we will go to the Darwin Centre in the Natural History Museum, to see "The Variety Show" which is about how different life forms live together and their impact on each other.


For literature, we are reading Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" in a version which is written for children. The class has been acting out the story, drawing pictures and writing it on the computer with the aim of making a beautiful, illustrated story book. (A sneak preview is attached!)



A long, long time ago in Athens there lived a duke who was called Theseus.

 Theseus by Max (6 years)

He was a very special duke.  He was getting married to Queen Hippolyta. The wedding was in four days and there would be a feast for all the people.


Hippolyta by Gabrielle(6 years)



Queen Hippolyta by Mika (6 years)











But a few days before the wedding, a BIG problem happened.