Last week as preparation for Chinese New Year the children of Elem.2 were making wonderful paintings of roosters as the new Chinese year is the year of the rooster.

The children made "fork paintings" using forks to show the motion of the rooster and the different layers of colours of the rooster's feathers.

The children also had some real silk worms in their class to observe for a few days and see how they make silk threads. The children were very excited about their special visitors and were keen in taking it in turns to feed the silk worms with leaves.

This week the children are learning about Ancient Egypt, they made beautiful eagle necklaces using clay. The children have learnt how Pharaohs in ancient Egypt believed in the power of the eagle.

Additionally, the children have studied the map of ancient Egypt and how the people in the past always liked settling down near water such as the sea or a river.

The children enjoyed finding out more about river Nile and the river's influence on ancient civilisations!

It has been great to observe in Elem. 2 and I am looking forward to more visits in future!
Miss Sylvia
Head Teacher

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