Art project on European Artists & Art Movements 
With the help and guidance of Miss Hiroe, Elementary 2 has been learning about the development of art in Europe, and have been creating art inspired by work done by prominent European artists.
We started by learning about the artistic realism of the the Renaissance, a period from the 14th to the 17th centuries, when the 're-birth' of Europe took place. The children then studied Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' before making their own version. 

The next topic was 'Impressionism'. The children created a likeness of the bridge in Monet's 'Japanese Garden'. They learnt how to build up the painting in stages, using different kinds of brush strokes and wet and dry 'fading' techniques. They also learnt how art was now becoming less formal, and artists were choosing subjects and scenes from daily life and experience. 
With Picasso art became much more abstract and the media used for artistic expression diversified. Based on 'Le Reve' (The Dream), the children created a Picasso inspired work by using printed wrapping paper, coloured tissue paper and paste to first make the background, before cutting out a female shape 'in repose' to glue on. As Modern Art had freed itself from the chains of realism, the children too were encouraged to use their imagination to create art using a wider range of techniques and materials.
For the last two weeks, the class has been working on a sculpture inspired by Salvador Dali's 'Lobster Telephone'. Each child covered a small plastic yoghurt pot with strips of kitchen roll dipped in glue to make a 'telephone' and then used papier-mâché pulp to form a 'lobster' which was glued on top of it. Once it was dry, the sculpture was painted using acrylic paints, building up from lighter to darker colours.
The children have been enjoying all the hands-on work and learning about the development of art at the same time. They have been inspired by the enthusiasm and creativity which Miss Hiroe brings to the class and their beautiful art-work is now on display in Elementary 2 .
Please feel free to come and see our Elem. 2 classroom display at drop-off time any morning!
Miss Naveed
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