Elementary 2 has enjoyed their term project.
In the first few weeks it was all about Asia and we "visited" places such as Singapore, Japan and China.
Science was linked to Asia and the children learnt about habitats such as volcanoes when learning about Mount Fuji. The children really enjoyed learning about the Japanese artist Hokusai and made their own lovely volcano prints.
We enjoyed making special Chinese Emperor Robe Wall hangings with Miss Hiroe. After which, we began learning about rivers such as the Jangtze River in China. The children acted out, through drama, the names of the different parts of a river such as the source, meander, floodplain, delta, etc. Elementary 2 became the different parts of the river using blue scarves!
We then moved on to learning about mountains and mountain ranges such as the Himalaya mountains.
This week it was all about Africa and next week we will be moving on to North America. If you have any books or special objects related to Africa and/or North America please feel free to send them to school next week.
On Friday 26th September, Elementary 2 went to Shakespeare's Globe to listen to the story of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Before the trip the children learnt about the story and they participated with great interest. It was a lot of fun! 
Kind regards,
Miss Naveed + Miss Sylvia



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