On 13th February, Elementary 2 went to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.
It was a very successful and interesting visit and the children (and the accompanying teachers and parents) enjoyed it a lot. We were also lucky that it was a mild and sunny day.
The topic was 'Stories' and these stories were a combination of true and imagined facts about the paintings which were discussed. Three paintings were picked for this, each quite different from the other, so that as the group moved from one painting to the next, the viewers mind had to change and 're-jig' to take on new ideas. The children were encouraged to help build the stories and to imagine possibilities which could be true. They also learnt how to search out small details and associated meanings.
The Trip Coordinator really knew how to hold the children's interest and to give each child an opportunity to view an opinion. At the end the children compared the paintings and each child decided on the one he or she liked best & why. 

For an hour, the children remained quite engrossed and involved. We were not, however, allowed to take photographs inside the National Gallery, and the pictures taken are all outside it.

Miss Naveed







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