On Friday, 14th March, Elementary 2 went to the National a Portrait Gallery.


The children were taken around the Gallery by one of the education coordinators. They started by learning more about the Gunpowder plot & the events associated with Guy Fawkes which have made the 5th of November, Bonfire Night, a tradition in this country.

They then saw the portrait of King James I of England who was the monarch at the time, as well as portraits of members of his family. After this we moved to another section of the Gallery and the children saw the portrait of Beatrix Potter. The guide told the class how she first started writing stories, read them the Tale of Peter Rabbit, and discussed the portrait. The children also used fabric crayons to create their own pictures. We were not allowed to take photographs in the gallery. 

It was a lovely, sunny day and we took a few photographs around Trafalgar Square where we had lunch before taking the bus back to school.

 Miss Naveed


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