The new term has started with full of new activities!

Our project this term will help us look into life on Earth in detail . The past couple of weeks we dived into the oceans and seas to see how life began there but slowly moved on to land. We have incorporated drama and singing to help bring our lessons to life . We worked on amphibians and reptiles as they ruled the earth , and our journey lead us through the era of the mighty dinosaurs into the time of mammals!

We will focus on vertebrates and invertebrates in detail too. The children seemed to be excited but their journey so far and there's so much more to learn!!

E2 is also reading the book by Philip Pullman ' Firework makers daughter ' and working on all the exciting characters. Our PSHE lessons on self awareness and challenging stereotypes are also based around our book.

For our end of term show we will use parts of story and work together will the other classes too. This term we are focusing on a new artist every week. So far we have studied the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Leonardo da Vinci. Understanding how each artist went through a personal journey to create their fine works of art.

Miss Hiroe will be joining us to help out from time to time as well . Looking forward to more fun filled learning days ahead!


Miss Mariam and Miss Girlie

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