Elementary 2 and Primary/Prep had a fantastic special nature day with Julie (mum of Nathan and Dylan).

Julie who works for the RSPCA showed the children a video of all the animals they might see in nature here in England, in such places as forests, meadows and gardens. There was the opportunity for the children to ask questions and there was also a discussion with Julie about different animals and their habitats and what animals the children might be able to spot in our school garden.


After a lively discussion, in which the children were keen and happy to share their experiences with animals in their own gardens or in parks nearby where they live, it was time for the children to explore and investigate our school garden in small groups. 


It was great to see the children focusing on their mini-beast safari, recording what animals they have spotted and where they have spotted them. After some time hunting and searching through the garden, the children took the opportunity to share their findings, which they have recorded on paper. Julie and the children also shared their ideas about how they could improve the garden to attract even more little creatures, and how that would be helpful for the biodiversity of our school garden.


The children had lots of fun and seemed to have really enjoyed exploring nature in our school garden.

A very big thank you to Julie for visiting our school and sharing her time and enthusiasm with the children and for inspiring them!


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