We had a fantastic time on our residential trip at PGL and had lots of fun!

All Primary/Prep children went and the Year 3 children from Elementary 2 were invited and most decided to join.

We are looking forward to next year's residential trip and many more children joining this exciting trip.

This year's activities involved zip wire, abseiling, building a raft, fencing, sensory walk, trapezium, aero ball and a giant swing. On the first evening, we sang songs and listened to funny stories around the camp fire. On the second evening we did lots of dancing at the disco.

Also, a trip to the PGL shop was included where the children bought little souvenirs and presents for their loved ones and managed their £10.00 independently.



We had a great experience, challenging ourselves, working together as a team and supporting each other.

Have a look at all the photos as pictures can say more than a thousand words!


The Rainbow Team





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