Dear parents,
After learning about Asia, Africa and North America, Elementary 2 has learnt about South America and its different countries and habitats such as the rainforest.
The children made South American art work with Miss Hiroe using wool.
Klea's mum, Isabel, was a special guest in Elementary 2.  She spoke about Venezuela - the country she comes from and brought in many pictures and books so a very big thank you to her.
Next week we will move on to the  next continent: Australasia.  We look forward to discovering and learning about the deserts of Australia, mountains of New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef as well as plants that grow in Australasia and animals that live there.
If there are any parents who would like to come and visit us Elementary 2 to speak about a country from around the world please let us know - we love having visitors!
Kind regards,
Miss Sylvia + Miss Naveed + Miss Mariam

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