The children of Elementary 2 enjoyed their special ICT/Computing week before the half term break.
The children had some exciting lessons learning about the different parts of the computer such as the keyboard, mother board, mouse, hard disk drive and many more!! They also learned how to use a computer safely, how to use a word document and about algorithms. 

The children were curious learning about the history of computers, and finding out that the information inputs are "the keyboards" and "the mouse" and the information outputs are "printers" and "fax machines". 

Some of the lessons were linked to art work and the children created their own keyboard.
They also familiarized themselves with the qwerty keyboard. 

Mr Raff, the Primary/Prep ICT teacher visited Elem.2 and showed them the inside of a CPU. He spoke about hardware and software and also inspired the children to think of inventions that have made a difference in our world!

We will continue working in class using our computer to help us with our research on different topics.
The children will continue exploring during their morning work cycle using books.
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