The class has been busy working on the project topic: 'Food', where it comes from, what constitutes a balanced diet, the different food groups & their importance for health & growth. They have been learning how to make healthy choices & also to get a better understanding of the role of the farmer.

They will now be learning about digestion and the human body. This includes a demonstration of digestion using real food, chopped up by 'teeth' (sharp knives) until it reaches the stomach (a small blender) on its way to taking nutrients to the body through the intestines (a strainer). The children love the bit where the 'waste' is expelled at the end!


The children have also been working regularly on phonics, learning spelling rules, adding suffixes and learning how to make plurals correctly. This work will continue & be revised through the term.

In geometry the class has learnt about different kinds of lines. After a review, they will learn about angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and other 2D polygons. The work will continue into the next term as we go on to 3D shapes with the aim of getting a strong basic sense of shapes and associated terminology.

The class has also been learning measuring using centimetres and are now starting work on temperature using centigrade. This includes keeping track of the daily maximum temperature and using a lab thermometer to demonstrate 0 degrees (ice) & 100 degrees (boiling point). They are enjoying learning to count the multiples of 2, 5 and10 using movement & clapping (clap for 2, jump for 5 & spin for10). They are also busy with maths operations, using Montessori materials to clarify concepts.

In Geography the children are learning about the main lines of latitude & doing follow-on work to become proficient with the terminology & concept. Later they will be learning about the different layers of the earth.

On Pancake Tuesday, March 4th, Elementary 2 will be making pancakes with lemon & sugar for the whole school to mark the special date. They will also talk about the relevance of the day.


The term continues with lots of learning & activities!

Miss Naveed


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