Dear Parents,

Welcome back to an exciting new term.

We have been very busy settling down back to work!

Our project this term is about the composition and movement of the earth. Through drama and activity, the children have become familiar with clockwise and anti clockwise movement, which will be useful when we start learning about the rotation and revolution of the earth. We have also done lessons on direction: looking for ‘east’ and ‘west’ in relation to our classroom, by observing where the sun rises and sets in the sky. There have been activities and games to understand the points of the compass. Next week, we will be learning about the composition of the earth: its core, mantle and crust. Using plasticine, we will make a small model of the earth with the layers in different colours, to get an awareness of the relative size of the layers. 

Art lessons have been about primary colours and how these are mixed to make secondary colours. The children have painted a colour wheel, and are now creating art using primary colours as well as blends and shades of secondary colours. This has included a floral display as well as a geometric design inspired by ‘The Snail’ by Matisse.

We are planning to visit the mosque in Regents Park later this month, along with Elementary-1. Last term, the children learnt about Judaism and visited a synagogue. This term we will teach them about Islam and Muslims.

In February, we are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day and learning the story of St. Valentine which is the basis of the celebration.

Miss Naveed and Miss Kitty

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