Elementary 2

Summer Term 2013

Welcome back after the spring holidays!  

The Summer Term is going to be very busy and exciting. Our class project is about, ‘The Tropical Rainforests of the World’.  It is a topic that lends itself to many different subject areas- geography, zoology, botany and of course to art.

There will be a lot of emphasis on art as we build up the tropical rainforest strata. At the same time, the children will be learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours, about colour blending using materials for crafts and using different media. 

Miss Kitty and I are planning all sorts of ways for the children to express themselves artistically and will be turning our classroom into a little rainforest as the term proceeds, making beautiful butterflies and brightly coloured birds. Alongside all this activity the children will be learning about the environmental significance of the earth’s rainforests and how we can all participate in their preservation. 

We plan to visit Kew Garden’s tropical greenhouse to get as close as we can to the warmth, humidity and scents of a rainforest. There is also a plan for a visit to Rainbow of a travelling ‘zoo’ of animals like snakes and other reptiles. The children will be doing a lot of work in classifying animals, learning about their habitats and understanding their needs.

Miss Naveed and Miss Kitty






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