Dear Parents!

It has already been two weeks of learning and new experiences. The children are well settled into their routine and seem to be very excited about our project this term. Through drama and Montessori activities we have started studying the AD/BC time line looking at the different civilisations.

We worked with the 2017 bead chain to learn about the AD years. The children have a concrete understanding of when they were born and how long ago recorded history started.

Most of the children have already started making their own AD/ BC time line as well. The work will focus on history and mathematics together, refining their concept of one unit,one hundred (a century) one thousand(one millennium)

To link in our story of the AD/ BC timeline the children were told the sorry of "The life of Jesus and epiphany". We even visited the local church with the Primary class.

We are also very excited about our Thursday morning yoga and mindfulness session which has helped the children concentrate even better during their morning work cycle.

For our PSHE lesson this week, we have worked on people who help us and a trip to Kidzania will help children understand careers of different people.

Our little scientists have started preparing for their science week as well.

That's all for now!

Watch this space for more exciting news from Elementary 2!


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