Welcome to the beginning of the term!

Elementary 2 has been busy settling in to a lovely new routine, and we have some new friends in the class, some coming from Elementary 1 and some joining from other schools and other countries.

In the first three weeks of term we have had many grace and courtesy lessons about kind hands and voices.

The children have started work on their term project 'The Planet Earth', learning about the Big Bang, parts of the Earth and the stories of the oceans. We have done some fantastic work on the directions and the compass. The children have brought in their rocks and minerals to study the rock cycle and we now have our own special 'Rock Museum' in Elementary 2. 

The students have created their very own layers of the oceans in a jar and we will have many science experiments throughout the term.

The children enjoyed labelling the different oceans and locating them on the map of the world! They loved making plasticine models of the layers of the earth learning the names such as inner core, outer core, mantle and crust.

This week we started off with a revision of the characteristics of different animal groups such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. The children loved creating their own fantasy animals and discussing with each other the characteristics of their animals. Some animals were half mammal half bird, some were half fish and half reptile and there were many more interesting mixtures when the children drew their own animals.

It was fantastic to see all the children’s creativity!!

For the rest of this week the focus will be on locating mountains and volcanoes around the world and studying mountain and volcano formation as part of the class project.

We are hoping all children will continue to enjoy their morning work cycle as well as the project related work. 


Miss Mariam & Miss Sara

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