Dear Parents,

A big welcome to everyone after the holidays.

Our project this term is Food.

This is such a important topic, especially for children living in a modern city like London, where food is usually bought in the supermarket. We will be talking about where our food comes from, how it is produced and about all the people involved in its production. We will also learn how agriculture evolved thousands of years ago when early people started to plant seeds, and how this in turn led to a settled way of life.

Coming back to modern times, we will learn how food travels from quite far away so that we no longer have to wait to eat foods that are in season. We will look at this from different angles, how this is good as it is leading to the mingling of tastes and cultures but is also difficult for our local farmers. The children will also learn about the importance of good nutrition, the different food groups and about a balanced and healthy diet.




For art, the children will learn about different movements in art and important artists representing these, such as Impressionism, Cubism and Surrealism. We will visit the National Gallery on 13th Feb. and National Portrait Gallery on 14th March.

As part of Architecture Week, later this term, we will be looking at different forms of architecture in London.



The children will also be working to develop their language skills further with focused work on phonics and spellings.

It will be a busy term, with lots of learning and fun.

Miss Naveed


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