Welcome to Spring Term 2015 in Elementary 2!



Our project in Elementary 2 this term is 'The Story of our Earth & of Life on Earth'.

Starting with our amazing universe; we will begin by building outwards into space, before turning our attention to Earth, our very special planet. We will go deep into its interior to learn about its composition, and about the 'matter' it is composed of and will do experiments to understand the properties of these states of matter.


We will travel through time to discover how our Earth became habitable and the flora and fauna that has evolved through cycles of creation and extinction. The work will cover geography, history and science and will be supported by songs and by art and craft as the children work with paint, crayons, paper and clay and other media.


In language, this term we will be working on poetry, learning about rhyme and rhythm, word stress and beat. The children will also learn about drama, the rules of performing and presenting. The work builds focus, the importance of group work and of following rules and it is a lot of fun.

In February the children will be going to the Science Museum to see 'Fly Me to the Moon', a 3D movie about the moon landing that children really love.

We are looking forward to lots of learning & an enjoyable term!

Miss Naveed and Miss Mariam





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