Our project in Elementary 2 this summer term is about ' The Human Body and Food '.


Starting with our black time line, the children review the three stages of the human being from being nomadic, to agricultural and eventually reaching the urban stage.

We will then begin to focus on the cells, parts of the blood, the main organs in our human body, the respiratory system and the circulatory system. It's a science based project and will include many experiments each week!


After the week on learning about digestion, we will move towards food and the journey our food takes from the farm to fork. In the middle of May, we are planning a trip to the Swiss Cottage Farmers market to learn about locally produced food, after which we have planned a cooking activity with Miss Hiroe, highlighting the rainbow food concept.

To link in geography and history, we aiming to travel around the world to learn about air miles, different eating habits around the world, where different foods are grown and also the way farming has evolved over the years. The work will be supported by songs and by art and craft as the children work with planting their own seeds, the food pyramid, paint, clay, and other media.

There will be a strong focus on geometry this term, as we have talked about the story of ‘geo’ earth and ‘metry’ measuring, which emerged in early Egypt.

In language, this term we will also working on early creative writing skills, learning about main and secondary characters, setting, problem and solution. 

We are all excited about our play which we are performing on the 22nd of May. Please come and join us on the day!

Miss Mariam and Miss Girlie


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